Installed Sales: Level Ramping Solutions offers complete ramping services, from consultation to design, installation and servicing.

Ramp systems generally consist of flat platforms and ramp sections combined. Ramps cost $150 per linear foot. Platforms are measured in both dimensions (length x width) and cost $125 per lineal foot. Installation is typically included.

We work with customers in the quoting process to minimize time and expense by sharing pictures and measurements. Most quotes can be done in this way. Sometimes, a separate visit may be required where a modest fee is requested, amount depending on distance travelled.

ADA recommends 1:12 (1 foot of ramp for every 1 inch of rise) for safety consideration. For example, when your entry threshold rise is 24” above your ending point, your ramp would be 24 feet long. When that is not possible, reasonable accommodation is permitted, so a slightly shorter ramp can be used.   Level Ramping Solutions wants all ramps to be safe for you and a caregiver to use.

Rentals: Level Ramping Solutions offers modular ramping short and long term rentals.

Pricing for rentals is quick and easy. Multiply the number of linear feet needed using the guidelines suggested above by $15 to get your monthly rental rate.

There is an Installation and Removal Fee charged with every rental. It is based on the size of the ramp and the travel required. It is a one-time fee that includes both installation and removal, and is charged at the beginning of the rental term.

There is a 2-month minimum rental requirement. This requirement may be waived to accommodate special situations that require only a very short term rental. There will be a premium rental rate for these. Rental Conversion- Sometimes needs change when a ramp is rented and is becomes advantageous to purchase the ramp instead of continuing to rent. Level Ramping Solutions allow for a portion of the rental payment to be applied towards the purchase of the ramp, to be determined in the rental contract.

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Removal, Relocation, Servicing:

Level Ramping Solutions offers continuous support throughout the lifetime of your ramp. The ramping is covered under a 3-year warranty for material defects and workmanship. We will happily make any minor adjustments needed during the first year at no additional cost to our purchasing customers.

Sometimes relocation is required and we are happy to help you to plan and install your ramp to a new location. Just give us a call.

Removal is also an option. We understand that needs change and the possibility of no longer needing a ramp sometimes occurs. We work with customers to help with the transition by offering removal, storage, and resale brokering.